2016 Maglie: Festa di San Nicola

The project, made by our Italian customer,implemented for the first time in Maglie on the occasion of the Feast of the Patron Saint Nicholas, is the result of playing with the ‘forms’ of the Luminarie and starts form the idea of ‘solving’ one of the great problems dating back to the origins of geometry: the “squaring of the circle”.
During the 15 days of its designing, an idea is coming off: if the circle represents the sky, from the unalterable circular motion, and the square represents the Earth that is the stability and the static nature.  In attempting to visualize the transition from the square to the circle, from Earth to Heaven, another symbol was found, the Heart!
12pcs ‘circles’ of 6.5 mts diameter
1 piece three-dimensional ‘square’ 18.5 mts high and 13.5 mts wide
RGB lamps: 15,000pcs RGB pebble light and 360 degree led ball
Software: Madrix

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