2015 Melpignano (LECCE) – La Notte della Taranta

La Notte della Taranta ‘ is the most important cultural event of Italian popular music of the year, it took place last Saturday, August 22.
More than four hours for the show of the tarantula, the spider whose bite caused hysteria and convulsions in its victims who recovered only dancing to the rhythm of ‘pizzica’.
On the big stage the spider and its cobweb, designed by architect and designer Fabio Novembre and realized by MarianoLight, the Company in Salento for over a century.
The event included the participation of 200 thousand people who danced illuminated by 12 million RGB lights, the light ‘pixels’ that make up the perfect architecture of the cobweb, the work of the ‘biting tarantula'.
RGB lamps: 400pcs RGB 360 degree led ball
NDBs: 5pcs
Software: Madrix

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