RGB lighting

RGB String Lights


Minleon have a wide variety of RGB light strings available to suit your needs. The strings are built to commercial weatherproof standards and are UV protected and run on safe 12 volt DC, so anyone can use these safely. Each string can come in a variety of choices and are connectable which allows you to create a product that is individual to your needs in the market place.

Controllable by any of the Minleon Controller range

Name – RGB Light String
Spacing – 30cm (custom spacing available)
String Count – 25 bulbs (Custom count available)
Bulb Cover Material – Poly carbonate
Voltage – 12vdc
Power – 0.36 Watts/Light
Current – 30mA/Light
String Colour – White, Black or Green
Working Temp -  -20  to  +60 Deg C
Rating – IP65
Warranty – 12 Months

Done by Dekra-Lite in Univerisal studio

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