RGB lighting

RGB Strip


Minleons Digital RGB strip light is a vibrant effective flexible weatherproof strip that is 24 LED's per Metre, 2 LED's per section, 14 Sections per metre. Perfect for outlines, architectural uses, accent lighting and many other great uses. Each strip is sold in 5 metre lengths.

Controllable by any of the Minleon Controller range

Name – Digital RGB Strip
Strip Length  –  5 metres
LED Count –28 LED/m
IC Count –14IC/m
Coating Material – Silicone Gel Coating
Voltage – 12vdc
Power – 0.36 Watts per LED (5 Watts/m)
Current – 30mA per IC section (0.42 amps/m)
Working Temp -  -20  to  +60 Deg C
Rating – IP67
Warranty – 12 Months


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