Art-Net NDB Controller

The Art-Net NDB Network Controller allows for easy intergration into existing Art-Net systems and also allows for live control via computer or console. There are 16 fused outputs for a total of 40 amps of power to control up to 1530 lights via Art-Net. Configurayion is via the built in controller configurstion web interface allowing flexability per output
When used with Minleons unique Smart-Ts then this allows for a reduction in cabling and installation time as lights can be connected from Ts and still have individual light control
16 Outputs
Industry standard ART-Net
1530 maximum lights with ART-Net
800 maximum lights on an output port
100 maximum Smart-Ts per output port
40 amps per board at 12vdc
Works with Minleons Network Effects Controller (NEC)
Web interface for Configuration
Uses Satndard RJ45 CAT5 plugs and cables
note: more than 100 lights per string will require power injection every 100 lights.
Name – ArtNet NDB Controller
Number of LEDs controlled – 1530
Voltage – 12vdc
Working Temp -  -20  to  +60 Deg C
Rating – IP33 (IP64 with enclosure)
Warranty – 12 Months

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